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It delivers

Simple poses. Easy to use!

Female FASHION DESIGN CROQUIS Template Front Side Back Views

Croquis Templates

Excellent. Converted to use in illustrator.

Excellent Croquis

I needed a Croquis for my mid-range looks, I don’t draw well so this really helps. Thanks

For a beginner

The templates are amazing to use. I am a graduating mechanical engineer that chose to follow my passion and start a career in fashion without school and for a beginner it is so easy to get lost in the large number of things to take into account when designing but having CORRECT templates helps knowing something is at least correct and easy to use.


Awesome :)


For someone starting out this is golden. Thank you for the visual aspect to help start the mind creating.When I was not sure even how to approach this.

Super Helpful

I didn't even know where to begin, but these templates have great proportions that make my flats look professional.

Unable to download

I’m unable to download it. I’m going to keep trying.

Hi Laverne, I'm sorry you are experiencing technical difficulties with your download. If you email me at info@zoehong.com I would be happy to sort you out.

Great templates for quick hobby sketches!

Totally worth it!

Zoe's flat templates are way better than what I was using - her design lines alone made it worth it. No idea why I hadn’t thought to do that on my own. I also love the fashion figures - so much to work with here. These are the best I’ve seen after loads of searching, so it was an easy call - BUT ALSO: buying from Zoe is a small way to thank her for all the fantastic free content she puts out there. Thank you Zoe!! I am Illustrator savvy because of you. :)

Female fashion figure templates

Love these croquis. Im already using them to sketch out my ideas on my tablet.


Love these use for all my projects


Im starting my journey for design as a hobby, and these astounded me as to how much they improved my designs the moment I drew on them. Having the template erased all the issues I was having with drawing the clothing designs themselves. Excellent!

Great template

Great for flats :)

The best!

Templates absolutely help so much!! So thank you!!! ( :

Very helpful

Very helpful I can tell a lot of hours went into creating these stencils. Though I would like to see a stencil with perhaps a pose

Plus Size Male FASHION DESIGN CROQUIS Template Front and Back Views


Detailed to the core. Love the follow along video(s) !!!! Literally made the tech pack process much easier!!!!!!! God bless you Zoe


Super happy.

I bought all croqie and flat packs. Super happy! Nice variety

Great for Drawing Croquis

This has been great for helping draft styles as I plan on making my wedding dress myself. Thanks for the help Zoe!