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Very Nice!

I bought these to design outfits for my characters and they’ve been very helpful! It definitely speeds up the process and gets the job done right. Would recommend.

Excellent Mask with Clear Instructions

After trying several mask patterns I’m so glad to have found Zoe’s. it fits perfectly and has the best coverage from nose to chin that I’ve seen. No slipping on my face when talking or being worried that it’s not covering my nose. Instructions are super clear to follow! So great to wear a mask that I’m confident won’t slip and is comfortable. Thanks Zoe!


These templates are awesome. I tried doing my own but being able to purchase these made it so much easier.

love them!

I love these templates. So easy to work with! Highly recommend!

Free Face Mask

Great instructions. Easy to follow and if not there was the Video which was also good. Thank you Zoe


I love them and I can’t wait to start playing around. Thank you!


Great templates especially for students studying fashion like myself. I will definitely be recommending these templates around campus. Thank you!

As Described

Wanted to get into making flats in illustrator for my projects and this is exactly what I needed to kickstart the process! I do cosplay, and sometimes there aren't adequate character turnarounds, so I find that making an illustration like this before any draping or mock-up attempts is incredibly helpful to get an idea of what you're doing.

As a hobbyist, I'd like to thank Zoe for all of the wonderful resources her channel provides. Without her I wouldn't have been able to learn illustrator, or at least not in one day!


I like the templates, but bought it for the 8 head rounded figure. It would be ideal if they were available as individuals. The quality of the templates is excellent.

5 stars

Life-saver, I'm very happy with this purchase!

Live the flat templates

Wonderful template assortment


After finding Zoe's channel on YouTube and learning a lot from her videos I had to buy her templates so I could do fast sketches of my fashion designs. As a fashion designer I want to spend more time on the clothes than on perfecting my own figure and these templates help me so much get the job done. I am so thankful I found her on YouTube. BUY THESE TEMPLATES THEY ARE WORTH IT!!!!

(P.S: I would love if you make vectors of notions like pleats,, buttons and zippers for Illustrator in the future) =)



Coloring pages

These are great coloring pages with a variety of fabric types, gestures of figures, and overall coolness :)


For the tech packs I really like how thorough it is. I really appreciate it so much

ENTIRE TECH PACK plus Bonus Cost Calculations Sheet and Pattern Card

Excited and Happy

I absolutely love my download Fashion Figures. I am so thrilled that I have a template to work from that have actual hands and feet that look like actual hands and feet. My only dislike is that I wish the Fashion Figures that have 4 to a page, only contained the same identical size Fashion Figure duplicated for all four.

Super helpful

I appreciate these croquis so much! Super helpful for developing wardrobe for my clients!!

Party on

Templates were perfect. Superfast download.


Flat templates

Since I am not an artist or a spring chicken but would like to learn how to draw my praise garment creations, these templates are a hidden treasure for me. I love Zoe’s videos!!

Very Helpful! Thanks so much :)

Face Mask

I really love the size of this face mask and the straps make it sooooo much better by giving perfect tight fit for any individual!