ENTIRE TECH PACK plus Bonus Cost Calculations Sheet and Pattern Card

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Get an entire set of garment construction tech pack templates. These templates fit industry standards and expectations for tech packs. (It's up to you to fill it out correctly!)

This pack includes:

  • Lead Sheet
  • Construction Details Sheet
  • Label Placement Sheet
  • Bill of Materials
  • Colorways Sheet
  • Specifications Measurement Sheet
  • Grade Rule
  • Sample Tracking Sheet
  • 5 different blank template you can customize for your brand

This listing includes an Excel file with all the templates on separate sheets, so you can alter them to fit your needs (see the labeled tabs along the bottom of the page).

I also included a multi-page PDF of the same, so you can just print, photocopy, and fill each page out by hand. The PDF version has space at the top for you to write in your company contact info (name, address, website, email, phone).

Learn how to use these templates by watching the video playlist Elements of a Tech Pack.


The pattern card is so integral to the product development process, I've included it with this package. You'll get the pattern card as a multi-page PDF and multi-spreadsheet Excel file.


The cost calculations sheet is also an important part of the product development process. I've included both Excel and PDF versions of the cost sheet as separate files. You share your tech packs with your factories, no one outside your company should see your cost sheets.