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If you're a fashion designer, you know how important it is to draw good flats and these templates will help you immensely to achieve them.

If you want to become a fashion designer, you need to learn how to draw great flats.

What are flats? They are the technical drawings of garments that are given to your pattern makers (and anyone working on garment construction) so they can help you figure out how to make your garment.

Female templates are here!

Kid templates are here!

Flats templates help by making sure all your garment drawings are consistent and clear. To learn more about drawing flats, check out my Drawing Flats playlist at!

These templates can be printed out and used for hand drawn flats using tracing paper or used in a template layer in Adobe Illustrator for digital flats.

These pages are formatted 8.5x11" but the drawings are sized so they can easily be printed on A4 paper as well. This is a multi-page PDF at 300 dpi so you can blow them up pretty big if you want to work on some detail shots.

Page 1: Front figure with sleeve and pant leg options, guidelines for darts, side panel seams, pecs, waist, high hip, and low hip.

Page 2: Back figure with all above guides.

Page 3: Left side figures with all above guides. One figure for sleeveless garments, one figure with 2 sleeve options hanging naturally, one figure with sleeve placed back to show both side and sleeve at the same time.

Page 4: Right side figure, formatted the same as the left.

Page 5: Smaller front, back, left, right figures with standard sleeves fit on one page for quick design work on the go.

Page 6: Large torsos, front and back, for designing underwear, swimwear, and detail shots.

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Just What I Needed

Great tool to help with flat sketches


So helpful and intuitive. I’ve been teaching myself how to make digital tech flats on adobe illustrator and it’s the PERFECT template.

Eric W.
so good!

just what I needed, would definitely recommend!

Myles E.
Male fashion flat templates

These templates are perfect and make it even easier to follow along with some of Zoe’s YouTube tutorials. Great for fashion students.

Musa K.