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Quality design starts with quality templates. Start designing and illustrating right away with these female fashion figure templates.

When you order these templates, you will receive 4 PDF files with high-resolution images so you can print on 8.5x11" paper (A4) or larger. 

Over 75 templates! Front, side, and back views. Based on real human body types and proportions: round, fit, thin. Each figure is marked with plumb lines, center fronts, and center backs.

The templates are organized in 4 booklet files by proportion category: 8-head, 9-head, 10-head, and 11-head.

Watch and learn how to draw and revise these figures to your needs: youtube.com/zoehongteaches!

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Huong T.


Carolyn J.

When I was 14, I wanted to draw fashion figures for a career like the beautiful illustrations in the San Antonio Express for the expensive clothes sold by the Frost Bros downtown. I copied some, cut out some and spent time in more practical pursuits like baton twirling and school grades, ha, ha. When I stumbled on Your channel on YouTube that dream came alive again. You’ll laugh Zoe but I’m having the time of my life! I’m sewing, learning pattern drafting ( I have to, my body is so misshapen by time and Rheumatoid Arthritis that nothing off the rack fits curved shoulders, et al.) I bought your templates and flats and spent all afternoon going through my Talbots catalogs for life poses. You’ll recognize the video I’ve been watching. The 4 steps. My goals are to draw my existing jeans, tops, jackets, scarfs, jewelry in my entire wardrobe into outfits to help me remember what looked smashing together and to do Mood board, etc your whole program for my Executive Casual Petite Pus size Pandemic Collection.

Wouldn’t Heidi have something to say about that design aesthetic?

Your work on the templates is amazing. I’ve wasted money, time and frustration on my body double program. I figured out why? They’ve used a 10 head body and added width based on your measurements. Voila, instant croquis of yourself. But the jester is splat up against a wall.

I’m starting with the 8 head figures , cause I’m also now a petite 5’3”. What looks okay on a croquis sleek and stylish looks frumpy on my bod. Anyway. I’m one in a million of your students and fans so my review is more for your eyes. What a gift you are to me, these painful days. Givin’ ya 💗 do da 💕

template program

Yuan X.
Very nicely drawn

I love the organization of the PDF.

In terms of poses i liked the 9-head pose variety the most. I wish the 10 and 11 head figures would have more front facing poses.

Instead of plus size figures I wish there were more regular size figures with more pose variety. The description says 75 poses but a lot of them are duplicated with horizontal flipped and plus size. The real poses that are different are not that many.

Poses that have more exaggerated arms and legs are appreciated too. They don’t all need to be standing.

I’m a fashion designer but sucks at figure drawing. Keep up the great work!! Thanks.

Margaret G.

Even for an experienced Technical Designer Zoe’s templates are a great resource to use!

Quynhnhu N.

I love them and I can’t wait to start playing around. Thank you!